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and his crew behind him have become one of the biggest cheerleaders thanks to the maryland tax credit that's allowed huge productions like house of cards to shoot here. >> as these tax credits encourage films to shoot here will only get largerer and grow exponentially. >> the mayor pointed out because of the film tax credit over 6,000 jobs have been created and the economic impact from cards alone is about $100 million. >> the ability to be able to attract not only movies but i think more importantly a series like this series, house of cards, which employs by the way some 2,000 marylanders who are at work and adding to maryland's growing economy. >> the tax credits have also support aryland to this. >> they are rivaling any crews that have ever worked in hollywood, and it's a delight for me to come here, just in terms of personally, i like baltimore a great deal. >> and according to producers, season two of "house of cards" should air some time after january 204. in harford county, lowell melser. >> we did see kevin spacey at preakness yesterday. he was nice enough to take a picture with d
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1